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Hot “G” Dog also features a selection of side dishes and beverages. The fresh-cut french fries come in two sizes; small and large. The small size goes for $2 while the large size goes for $3. The cheese fries also come in two sizes; small and large. The small size goes for $3 while the large size goes for $4. Beverages provided include soda and hot coffee. These also come in two sizes; small and large. The small soda goes for $1.50 while the large size goes for $2.50. A small cup of hot coffee goes for $1 while a large one goes for $1.50. All these options are great, and you will have an exciting adventure regardless of which one you choose.

When Hot “G” Dog was started, it had the opportunity to forge its own identity. However, some people have criticized the aesthetic similarities with its predecessors as borderline lazy and unoriginal. Some have argued that while emulating a successful predecessor is not necessarily a bad thing, Hot “G” Dog and Hot Doug’s similarity overlaps where it doesn’t need to. For example, the fonts used on the menu are ideally the same as those of Hot Doug’s. The menu describes andouille sausage as “Mighty Hot!” and you can add cheese to any of the sausage collections for $0.25 and chili for $0.50. The orders are also written down on a sheet of preprinted paper, with first name, last name as the identity. Duck fat fries are still offered during weekends only, and Hot “G” Dog’s website also uses a similar mustard yellow color scheme.

In this manner, the restaurant will always play second fiddle to its predecessor. However, this shouldn’t be the case. While carrying on the idea that propelled Hot Doug’s to success is great, Hot “G” Dog needs to ensure it doesn’t become “another Hot Doug’s”. It needs to pull out and create its own identity, step by step.

Other than that, it is safe to say that Hot “G” Dog has been hugely successful since its launch. The establishment has witnessed steady growth in its customer base and continues to attract new customers every month. One of the reasons for the success of Hot “G” Dog’s success during its early stages were the familiar faces of Juan Carlos and Octavio Garcia. (Just keep in mind they changed their phone number, as their old one is no longer in service.) Since most locals knew the two brothers they felt confident dining at the new joint. Excellent customer service also came to play as the restaurant began to grow. Operating under the assumption, “the customer is always right” certainly helped. Above all else, the main reason why Hot “G” Dog has stood the test of time, is consistently delivering Jaw-breaking delicacies. This establishment has become an instant hit with locals who regularly visit the restaurant with the hope of sampling some of their delicious hot dogs.…

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Menu @ Hot “G” Dog

Hot “G” Dog features a delicious selection of delicious treats every time you walk through its doors. As you would expect, the Chicago-style hot dog is one of the most popular selections on the menu. The Chicago-style hot dog features all the pungent, spicy, stinky, pickled toppings you crave but is served without ketchup. This is hands down one of the most delicious hotdogs you will ever taste.

Pheasant with Cognac goes for $8.50 and features Port Wine Derby Cheese, pineapple, and sweet brandy sauce. This hot dog selection is not at all gamey, instead, it is rich, mild, and filling. It is alluringly spicy, with hints of juniper, tarragon, and mace. Pheasant and the distinctive cheese beautifully complement each other, and the pineapple takes this selection over the top.

The New York-style hot dog is one of the most recommended items at Hot “G” Dog. This delicious mess goes for $5 and features bacon, spicy mustard, ketchup, and sauteed onions. If you are looking for a hot dog with ketchup, this is your best bet. Kangaroo is one of the most adorable hot dogs offered at Hot “G” Dog. This selection goes for $8.50 and features Dill Havarti cheese, almonds, and strawberry sauce.

Also worth mentioning is the Toulouse pork sausage. This selection is quite a treat for the palate and features provolone cheese, sauteed spinach with white wine and garlic, and Dijon peanut sauce. Equally delightful is the duck sausage. This selection features fleur de sel, truffle aioli, and foie gras mousse. Duck fat fries are available Friday through Sunday for $4. They are just as good, as those of Hot Doug’s.

The Santa Fe chicken sausage goes for $4 and features cilantro, garlic, onions, peppers, and chipotle. The Polish sausage goes for $3.50 and features delicious smoked beef, while the Admoville sausage mighty hoti features paprika, garlic, onion, and pork. The classic Italian hot dog goes for $4 and features a wonderful combination of garlic, basil, and chicken sausage. Equally exciting, is the $4 Thuringer smoked hot dog featuring garlic, beef, and pork. The bratwurst also goes for $4 and is marinated with Guinness beer. Also available is the Italian-style sausage which goes for $4 and features Italian-style pork and paprika.

Hot “G” Dog’s menu is tailored to the needs of people with different tastes including vegetarians and kids. People who do not eat meat will be happy to learn that the restaurant also has something exciting for them. The Vegetarian dog is specifically made for vegetarians. This hotdog selection goes for $3.50 and features soy protein, mixed vegetables, and zero meat. If you brought the kids along, they will be excited to try the kids’ hot dog which goes for $4 and features cheddar cheese, sliced sausage, and mixed tater tots.…

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Go with Hot “G” Dogs

Chicago, widely considered the sausage capital of the U.S., continues providing a smattering of delightful new joints offering classic Chicago-style hot dogs, as well as gourmet joints with creative toppings. For the uninitiated, a classic Chicago-style hot dog features the following items: tomatoes, celery salt, sport peppers, a pickle, green relish, white onions, yellow mustard, all on top of a beef hot dog placed inside a poppy seed bun.

Makes you hungry just by thinking about it, huh?

But might I offer a suggestion?

Ketchup should be used only with the fries.

One of the best places to enjoy a Chicago-style hot dog is Hot “G” Dog. Hot “G” Dog is named after the Garcia brothers — Juan Carlos and Octavio Garcia — hence the “G”. The two brothers learned the gourmet-sausage trade from “Hot Doug” Sohn (the famous bratmaster from Chicago). Situated at 5009 N. Clark Street, Hot “G” Dog offers a mouthwatering Chicago-style hotdog, alongside other inventive wild hotdogs such as a Guinness Beer Brat, duck sausage, and much more. Other items on Hot “G” Dog’s menu that stand out include specialties such as duck fat fries, wild boar sausage, smoked alligator sausage, and chicken apple cranberry sausage. Hot “G” Dog is the best place to go if you would like to have, say, alligator sausage alongside shrimp remoulade, or a smoked elk sausage with bacon cheddar cheese and garlic sauce. Or if you just want to stick to the traditional Chicago-style hot dog.

If you never had the opportunity to visit Hot Doug Mania, or if your friend is among the list of people who relocated to Chicago before the restaurant closed and still reminisce about it, take them to Hot “G” Dog. They have the same duck fat fries and gourmet hot dogs, including the alligator sausage hot dog. If your nostalgic friend just dropped by whose best idea is to indulge in a delicious hot dog, Hot “G” Dog is the best place to do it.

If you are considering visiting Hot “G” Dog but wondering whether it is a good use of your time, the answer is yes. The sausages are sourced from the same purveyors and the recipes used are mostly the same as that of its predecessor. Even when the sausages deviate from each other, they are made using the same culinary philosophy. Two things worth remembering during your visit to Hot “G” Dog is that the foie gras sausage is ridiculously delicious, and the duck fat fries are out of this world.

Hot “G” Dog is in many ways similar to Hot Doug Mania. After all, it was an attempt by hot dog curators Juan Carlos and Octavio Garcia to pool their talents together and capture an elusive success twice by replicating Hot Doug’s bon viveur, menu, and decor — the only difference being the absence of Dough Sohn. The two Garcia brothers set up the hot dog shop about eight months after Hot Doug’s was shut down. Doug Sohn was completely on board with the idea and even gave the two brothers his blessing and wished them success in their new endeavor. The former owner of Hot Doug’s was unbelievably flattered when Juan Carlos and Octavio approached him with the idea and was happy that his hot dogs had inspired others to follow the same path.…

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